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Ep 36 - Sustainable Flower Gifting

Ep 36 - Sustainable Flower Gifting

Roses are red and violets are blue - but is there a greener alternative than gifting roses this Valentine's Day?

The festive Valentine's flower is not in season for Ireland in February and we take a look at more sustainable flower gifts.

Roses in Ireland

Did you know that some rose varieties in Ireland bloom from early summer right through to Autumn and much depends on the weather?


That means they are not in season during the month February when they are vastly available to buy for Valentine's Day.

Roses start blooming in late May and continue to do so through early fall. They are often considered to be at their best in June, which is why roses are considered June's birth flower.

A good point to aim for when sewing the flower, if you would like to see as many varieties of roses in bloom is mid-June, but it will vary a bit around the country and a late spring could make a difference too.

Valentine's Flowers


The sustainability of cut flowers rarely receives the media attention given to other retail produce despite their much higher carbon intensity.

On top of pollutants and water use, flowers can generate serious carbon emissions because of refrigeration and long-haul transport. Stems may be transported up to 6,000 miles in refrigerated airplane holds.

Nearly all imported cut flowers go through the same emissions-intensive journey — climate-controlled greenhouses, refrigerated trucks and a long flight.

Since roses are not in season in Ireland in February, most bouquets and stock in stores are imported.



  1. Irish flowers
  2. Dried flowers
  3. Grow you own

Irish Flowers 

Irish flowers in season in the month of February are: Daffodil, primrose, snowdrop, heather, iris, crocus and a wide variety of Irish plants.

Pros of Dried Flowers: 

  • Long lasting
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost effective
  • All year round availability

Cons of Dried Flowers: 

  • Fragility
  • Limited life span
  • Lack of fragrance
  • Fading
  • Some contain dyes and other harmful chemicals to the environment

Grow Your Own 

February is ideal month to think about your roses for your garden – your pruning should be done now and you can start feeding once the first few leaves start to appear, with a good granular feed applied once a month until the end of June. You can grow your own floral gift for years to come with good planning.

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