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Ep 50 - Alpaca Wool and Sustainability

Ep 50 - Alpaca Wool and Sustainability
Photo: Ceadogรกn Rugmakers

In this episode of Ours to Protect, Orla meets some Alpacas and hears how a Wexford business is transitioning to become fully eco-friendly and sustainable.

Who are Ceadogán?

Ceadogán Rugmakers is a family business that holds its core values of quality and sustainability very close to heart. They work with the finest natural materials to produce lasting pieces of beauty and integrity. Their workshop and showroom are in their family homestead, a stone-walled farmyard dating back to the 17th century.

“Neadaithe,” meaning “nested” as gaeilge, serves as the title for an exquisite new collection of handmade rugs, cushions, and wall hangings that fuse luxury design with sustainability in a novel way. The new range is by artisan rugmakers Ceadogán. It is the inaugural line of products crafted from their un-dyed homegrown wool following a two-year project to establish an alpaca farm and nature sanctuary at the company’s studios in Bannow Bay, Co. Wexford.


Although the alpacas are not the main focus - they are important to the business and help to provide a habitat for their habitat and sustainability project called ‘For the Birds’. The vision is to create items with their fleece while collaborating with artists. The money raised from the project would go back into the conservation and preservation of the habitat that they have in Bannow Bay. 

They intend to integrate our business into its surroundings in a way that compliments regenerates and builds upon what is already there.

It is central to their plan not just to cut back on the negative impacts of the materials they use, but to ensure that we are making a positive and regenerative contribution through the choices they make. 

Since the development of the ‘For the Birds’ habitat, they say they have already seen differences. 


“Well, we have noticed more action when it comes to nature. There are more insects and birds, and they feel free. They don’t feel restricted because there are more natural spaces for them to build nests in and live in. It’s amazing what one year can do” said Martina Navratilova.

She continued to say that “people can be overwhelmed with the whole thing about climate action with all of the news. But what I would say is that how we looked at it was to look at what is around you and you can work with that. That is what you can all do and then it doesn’t feel so big, it feels achievable.”

The alpacas are shorn once a year. Around three to five kilos is collected from each animal which can be blended with wool to create their bespoke handmade rugs. 

“The alpacas are all different colours. They are beautiful. Which means we don’t have to dye the wool to create our products.”  Martina continued. 


“The mixture of the alpaca wool and Galway wool is 50:50. What we were trying to do was to come up with something that is like a merino wool but grown in Ireland. We wanted to make a positive impact with what we are doing here”, said Colm Kenny.

For more information: https: www.ceadogan.ie


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