Google to remove passwords across all apps

Google to remove passwords across all apps
Credit: Mati Mango/Pexels

Google has made a significant announcement in light of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

In the latest article on its blog, the tech giant has announced the intention to remove password authentication across its apps, including YouTube.


Google aims to make its apps passkey-friendly.

"Earlier this year we rolled out support for passkeys, a simpler and more secure way to sign into your accounts online," the article explained.

"We’ve received really positive feedback from our users, so today we’re making passkeys even more accessible by offering them as the default option across personal Google Accounts."

Passkeys, which include fingerprints and face identification, offer faster and more secure user authentication, relying on advanced cryptography to enhance security.


They are also said to be phishing-resistant.

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack that is frequently used to steal user data such as login credentials and credit card numbers. It happens when an attacker poses as a trusted entity and tricks the victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message.

While passwords remain an option for users, Google is making passkeys the default choice for personal Google accounts.


Uber is also moving towards the use of passkeys, with a senior director of engineering, Ramsin Betyyousef, telling The Independent:  "We’ve seen great results from launching passkeys across our apps and encourage all users to adopt passkeys."



Apple took a step ahead, abandoning passwords in September 2022 and introducing passkeys as a next-generation credential.

Passkeys allow users to sign in to websites or apps using their iPhone, aligning with Apple's vision of a passwordless future.

Netflix password-sharing concerns

While Google has received positive feedback for the move towards passkeys, Netflix users have raised concerns about potential impacts on password-sharing practices.

The streaming platform has previously stated that it will crack down on password sharing, but it has not indicated a shift towards passkeys.

Passkeys remain to be the focal point in discussions about the evolving landscape of digital security and user authentication.

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