The Takeover

7 thoughts teens are having ahead of the Leaving Cert results tomorrow

Lads, where did that summer go?

It's hard to believe we are only one sleep away from the impending Leaving Cert results.

The results and CAO Round 1 offers are both exciting and terrifying for students.

Here at 7 thoughts LC students are having right now.



1.Dreading meeting THIS person at the school in the morning.


The realisation that your bestie Siobhan was lying that entire time...


2. Similar to #1- these DREADED people! It's NONE of your business Catherine!


Not to mind Bobby's Mam, the nosey wagon, who'd only love to be judging.


3. The fear is real.


4. We're sure this was intended to be uplifting and inspiring, but it's sadly quite depressing.

5. Whats App is flying- "What time are you going in in the morning? Can I get a lift with your Mam?/ Meet you at the front at 9.30?/ Hold off till 10..wait until it's a bit quieter..."

  6. Good advice, Richard

7. It seems anything exam-related gets the sun out in Ireland.

 8.  We believe in you Eoin!


In all seriousness, GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!