Young people needed to help write the recipe for a more sustainable food future

Young people needed to help write the recipe for a more sustainable food future

Airfield Estate, Dublin’s only working urban farm and gardens, knows that young people are the future so they’re calling on aspiring activists between the ages of 15 and 18 who care about food or sustainability and would like to help revolutionise the future of food.

The new Youth Board's role will be to work alongside the team and established board at Airfield Estate, to shape its ambition to be at the cutting edge of food systems - and help write the recipe for the sustainable food future we all need.

Airfield is on a mission to make Dublin a sustainable food city and to be a leading voice in food sustainability beyond the walls of the estate in Dundrum, Co. Dublin.

It tells the food story in a truly immersive and engaging way online and on-site, highlighting the impact and consequences of our everyday food choices.


Photo by Pierre Sudre

Airfield wants people to get to know their food, how it's produced, the impact it has on their body and the world around them, and help them understand the role they can play in creating a healthier, more sustainable food system for all.

The Youth Board will contribute to Airfield's goal of being the future of sustainable food in Ireland. Airfield will take guidance from the youth board for their direction and ideas, and develop board members providing training and expertise to cultivate the next generation of food sustainability experts by:

  • Educating board members in sustainable food systems
  • Investing in hands-on experience and leadership training opportunities
  • Nurturing a collaborative culture where all voices are empowered
  • Connecting the board to its growing networks and creating a space for ongoing connection and collaboration into the future (after you finish on the youth board)

Members of this new youth board will be asked to represent their own life experiences and perspectives within Airfield’s team on the topic of sustainability and food.

Diverse perspectives are key. They will work collaboratively (remotely and on-site in Airfield) with a team of approximately 8-10 peers and members of the Airfield team.

They will support the Airfield mission to inspire and enable better food choices by collaboratively agreeing on workstreams (actions and activities) for the youth board to own and champion and they will help Airfield to engage broader audiences with its food sustainability mission by bringing conversation and action from within the farm & gardens to communities outside and across the country. They will work alongside by a youth activist - a member of the Airfield team who will ensure that they are getting the support they need.


Photo by Alison Burrell

Speaking on their search for youth board members, Airfield CEO Claire Mac Evilly said: “Airfield Estate’s 38-acre grounds showcase the cycle of food from farm to fork, connecting soil to society. It highlights the impact our food choices have, and promotes an understanding of agriculture, horticulture and the link between farming and food production.

"The estate and surroundings continue to inspire change and we’re so excited to be driving our own sustainable food revolution.

"With the launch of this new youth board, our goal is to bring inspirational young foodies, activists or any young person with a desire to change our food system together from all corners of the country. We want to put community at the heart of the city's transformation, learning from and with younger generations, as we in turn invest our time and resources into them.”

Want in? If you, or someone you know, would like to join Ireland’s food revolution, has a genuine interest and passion for food sustainability and wants to make a real difference, click here to find out more & apply to Join Airfield Estate’s Youth Board.