Another Boozy performance for Madonna

Another Boozy performance for Madonna

Someone please make it stop!

Madonna seems to be unravelling right before our very eyes and we really wish someone would step in from her team.

The singer is locked in a bitter custody dispute with Guy over their son Rocco so this might very well be the straw that broke the camels back fro Madge.

Her onstage meltdown is causing her fans to wonder what the hell is going on as she begged “someone please f*** me” as she swigged tequila during the chaotic show.


After falling off a tricycle, she told the crowd in Melbourne that she had “messed up” her songs, before joking: “You would think it was in my DNA!”

And at one stage, after downing booze from a fan’s hip flask, she pleaded: “Somebody take care of me, please. Who is going to take care of me?”

Madonna 2

The emotional star went on to dedicate a song to estranged son Rocco, 15, whose childhood photo was beamed across the stage in the background

But sources close to Madonna say the star is furious that Guy, 47, has ignored her pleas to pass on messages to their son in recent weeks.


And they revealed that she blames him for the crisis in the relationship, branding him a “d***head” in one stinging attack.

Madonna 1

She is said to have told aides: “I never want to see his face again.”

A source said: “Being cut out of Rocco’s life has hit Madonna hard and it’s clear she blames Guy.

“She has openly called him a d***head, and a son of a bitch, and said that she is going to make him pay ‘big time’ for what he has done to her.”


We sincerely hope someone steps in before things get any worse!