Can You Recognise this Irish Celebrity?

Can You Recognise this Irish Celebrity?

An uber famous Irish celebrity has left fans shocked at this incredible transformation for his next big Hollywood role.

The image above shows “The Penguin” character cast in the upcoming superhero movie “The Batman”.

At first, fans believed the comedian Richard Kind had been cast in the role, as he resembles the famous Danny de Vito villain so well.

You would be forgiven for not recognising the Penguin to be none other than…. Irish actor Colin Farrell!


Colin Farrell Penguin

Colin Farrell plays "The Penguin" in upcoming movie "The Batman". Fans thought at first it was comedian Richard Kind(right)

Colin Farrell fans are so shocked by his transformation, they were arguing whether or not the person really is Colin Farrell at all.

Tweet about Penguin

The new DC comics movie focusing on the early life of the caped crusader will also see celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz(Cat Woman) and Paul Dano (The Riddler) transform themselves into well known comic book roles.


However, it is hard to imagine anyone will be wearing as much makeup as Colin!

The Batman will be the first of an intended trilogy of films and is scheduled to be released in 2021.