Company paying €50 an hour to watch Tik Tok for hours

Company paying €50 an hour to watch Tik Tok for hours

We all know more than one person that could spend hours scrolling on their phone.

Now, they could earn the big bucks by doing it for a living!

A marketing agency is on the hunt for a professional TikTok watcher.

Ubiquitous is offering €50.56 per hour and spending hours on the app is the only requirement.


It says the successful applicant will have to watch 12 hours of TikTok videos over three days, rank their top ten videos and repost them.

According to the Irish Mirror, the agency also says it's not after any kind of expert, just someone who uses the app 'fairly frequently.'

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and need only apply if they “love TikTok” or “have a love-hate relationship with it”.

An active social media presence is also preferred.


The job advertisement also says the chosen applicant will receive a Ubiquitous 'swag package' that will include:

An Uber Eats Gift Card
A Target Gift Card
A Flexible Phone Holder
A 12” ringlight and tripod

Don’t worry, the successful candidate does not have to complete it all in one day and can split their time up!