Harry Styles confronts Kendall Jenner about her hidden love for One Direction

Harry Styles confronts Kendall Jenner about her hidden love for One Direction

Harry Styles filling in for James Corden was always set to be a good show but include one of his exes in the mix and god only knew what would happen.

The former One Direction member took to the Late Late Show stage for the second time as guest presenter last night and amazed audiences with a performance of his new single 'Adore You', a games of Spill Your Guts and an awkward yet funny chat with his former flame Kendall Jenner.


The best part of the show had to be when the 'Lights Up' singer brought up the topic of meeting people for the first time.


Tracy Ellis Ross described her first encounter with Harry being through Instagram DMs but when attentioin turned to Jenner, things got interesting.

Harry proudly showed a photo of Kendall in full fan mode for One Direction to the audience and stated that the reality TV star previously claimed she didn't know about the pop band.

"What exactly is happening with this photograph?!

"… You said you’d never heard of us!?"


"I didn’t really know! Someone asked me to do this photo and I wasn’t sure what it was really for!,’ Kendall claimed however in true cheeky pop band behaviour, Styles refused to accept her reasoning.

Harry joked; "What I like about photography is it lives forever."

You can check out the segment of the show with all of its awkwardness (with a hint of flirting) below.



The pair dated briefly in 2014, keeping their romance a secret before being photographed on Ellen DeGeneres’s yacht in St Barts.