Homegrown Friday Five: Kynsy, Daithi, THUMPER, Saibh Skelly & Six

Homegrown Friday Five: Kynsy, Daithi, THUMPER, Saibh Skelly & Six

Five Irish tracks on Friday to help kickstart your weekend! To hear all the latest and greatest in Irish music, check out Irish Beats with Rob O'Connor every Sunday at 8pm on Beat 102-103.


New Year

Kynsy’s (aka Ciara Lindsey) latest single ‘New Year’ was written on New Years Eve and takes inspiration from Ireland’s disco royalty: “At the time I had a real desire to celebrate the turn of the year by doing something creative. I had definitely been listening to a lot of Róisín Murphy around then and with the song I wanted to explore the idea of someone who is looking for meaning as the clock edges towards midnight and a new year is on the horizon.”




After hanging round with HousePlants for much of 2021, Daithi returns to ploughing a solo furrough. His new one ‘Familial’ is a perfect example of Daithi's organic/electronic sound. The video is directed by New Zealand filmmaker Ayla Amano.


Fear of Art


'Fear of Art' is the fourth single from THUMPER's forthcoming debut album Delusions of Grandeur. A relentless raucous tune, the new track carries all the hallmarks of THUMPER’s music - self-aware, wry, maximalist, and instantly alluring.

Saibh Skelly

Fix It To Break It



Saibh Skelly’s new one is a stripped back affair. The production is simple - acoustic plucking, some simple background pads and Skelly’s voice to the forefront (where it belongs)

Throwback: Six

There’s a Whole Lotta Lovin’ Going On


This was Number 1 in Ireland 20 years ago. For those too young to remember, Six were the winners of the Irish Popstars TV programme and set to be Louis Walsh’s next big thing … but fizzled out quite quickly. Where are they now?

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