Jeremy Clarkson's testicles 'smashed' after attack from cow

Jeremy Clarkson's testicles 'smashed' after attack from cow

Jeremy Clarkson is convinced one of his cows is trying to kill him after being attacked on his farm.

Clarkson is preparing for the second series of his Amazon Prime Video smash Clarkson’s Farm where we follow his daily struggles on his 1,000-acre Cotswolds farm.

According to the Grand Tour presenter, the incident happened when he was trying to herd the cow into his newly constructed barn.

The cow went for him and recently Clarkson was forced to close his Diddly Squat Farm Shop for two months.


Convinced that the cow has an "interest in killing me", Clarkson said: "It’s said a cow cannot kick backwards but I can testify to the fact that this isn’t true. A cow can kick in any direction.

"They are like Bruce Lee, only more deadly."

He commented to the Daily Star: "Having failed to connect with her hoofs, she put her head between my legs and then raised it smartly.

"I think this was the lowest point in my farming career to date.


"Being attacked by a cow while on my knees, in the mud, in a storm, with smashed testicles."

Clarkson's farm has gained enormous popularity, attracting people to the farm in the Cotswolds.

Recently, the farm announced a temporary closure until March.