Mark Cagney leaving Ireland AM after 20 years

Mark Cagney leaving Ireland AM after 20 years

Mark Cagney is to leave Ireland AM after almost 20 years at the helm of the breakfast show.

Mark has been part of the Ireland AM team since its inception in 1999 and Virgin Media Television have thanked him for his contribution to the show.

"I would like to thank Mark for his contribution to Ireland AM for the past 20 years," said Bill Malone, director of content, Virgin Media Television.

"He is a giant of Irish broadcasting and has become a staple in Irish viewers’ homes each morning. He will be greatly missed by both viewers and colleagues alike and I wish him all the best for the future"


Mr Cagney, who is 63, confirmed he will step down from his role at the end of the month.

"It has been one of the great privileges of my life, professionally and personally, to be part of this thing we call AM.

Over the twenty years, Ireland AM has become part of the Irish broadcasting landscape, an institution even, which has stitched itself into Irish daily life. Every day I met someone new, and I learned something new and I did it in the company of people I admired and respected, what more can anyone ask from a job?

"It has been a joy and an honour and I’ve given it everything I’ve got, as they say in sporting circles – I’ve left it all out on the pitch.


"So now it’s someone else’s turn, and to that end I will be stepping down as anchor and moving on from Ireland AM on July 31. To everyone who ever worked on, contributed to, and especially watched AM over the years, my heartfelt thanks."

The Cork man said he never expected Ireland AM to last as long as it has.

"In July 1999 I was approached by a friend and asked would I be interested in getting involved in a new media project. The project was the launch of commercial breakfast television in Ireland and ultimately became known to the public as Ireland AM.

"As we approach July 2019 twenty years later - which honestly, is nineteen years longer than any of us thought it would last – it seems like the perfect time to stop getting up at 3.00am in the morning. (I’m a slow learner but get there eventually!)"


Mr Cagney joined RTÉ in 1977 and was part of the original line-up of 2FM. He was one of those who broadcasted on its first night on air.