Monday Music: Food Top 10

Monday Music: Food Top 10

Matt Lucas’ charity single Thank You Baked Potato is heading for somewhere close to the top of the charts.

The song has been released to raise funds for Feed NHS, which was set up by Lucas along with actors Damien Lewis and Helen McRory.

We’ve been singing it for over a week now, and it’s not the first food-related song to get stuck in our heads. So, we decided to do some important work(!) and compile a list. Here’s our Top 10 catchiest food-themed songs. Let us know if we've forgotten any!


1: Matt Lucas - Thank You Baked Potato

Thank You Baked Potato was originally written for the 90’s comedy quiz show Shooting Stars. Lucas re-wrote the lyrics in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and has so far raised close to a million pounds.

2: Fast Food Rockers - Fast Food Song


Released in 2003, it went to number 2 in the UK charts (but only number 24 in Ireland). Did you know there was a follow-up single called Say Cheese (Smile Please)? Nope, neither did we.

3: Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song

Sun, sand, sangria! In 2002, Las Ketchup’s Ketchup Song (which wasn’t about ketchup) was one of the biggest hits of the summer, reaching number one in many countries including Ireland. Who remembers the dance?!


4: Migos - Stir Fry

This wasn’t a big chart hit when it was released in December 2017 but it had us all wrist twistin...like a stir fry. Or something.

5: Raffi - Bananaphone

If you’ve never heard Bananaphone, proceed with caution. This nineties American kids’ song is likely to stay in your brain for longer than is healthy.

6: Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain

Back in 2007, “going viral” was still a new phenomenon. YouTube was barely two years old when Zonday’s homemade song (which he later revealed is about racism) spread worldwide. To date, it’s been watched 125 million times.

7: 3 Of A Kind - Baby Cakes

Em, we’re still not really sure what was going on here. Baby Cakes was the group’s only single. And even though it made number one in the UK and top five in Ireland, no one is calling for a reunion.

8: Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat Song (Day O)

This old Jamaican folk song was released by Harry Belafonte in 1956. It’s since been covered countless times by artists including Shaggy and even Scooter.

9: Harry Nielson - Coconut

This song became famous after it was used in a Coke commercial. The Muppets, The Baha Men and Danni Minogue have also recorded their own versions.

10: Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop

Originally written in the fifties, it was Millie Small’s version that made My Boy Lollipop famous. It went to number one in Ireland in 1964!