Monday Music: One Direction Top 10

Monday Music: One Direction Top 10

With One Direction's tenth anniversary fast approaching, fans have been hoping for something special to mark the event.

Unfortunately, none of the band's members are giving anything away and it's thought that the current global pandemic might have scuppered any plans for a physical reunion.

But could there be an online event? Or a TV special? Or a re-release of past albums? Whatever it might be, 1D fans will be there for it - in their millions.


In case you needed reminding of some of the insane numbers (and the band's best songs), we've decided to count down the Top 10 most viewed One Direction videos on YouTube.

10: History (368m views) History was the band's final single before they went on hiatus. Could it be their last ever?!

9: Perfect (416m views) Perfect debuted at number 1 in Ireland in October 2015.


8: One Way Or Another (424m views) This cover of The Undertones' classic was released to raise funds for Comic Relief in 2013.

7: You & I (437m vews) This song from 2013 even inspired a perfume!


6: Kiss You (471m views) The video for Kiss You was an homage to artists like The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Elvis.

5: Live While We're Young (641m views) Live While We're Young was the first single from the band's second album Take Me Home (2012).

4: One Thing (643m views) This song barely made it into the top 10 in the UK charts but it's in their top 5 most viewed vidoes.

3: Story Of My Life (793m views) We still want to know how long it took to hang all of those photos in this video!

2: Drag Me Down (845m views) This was the first video from the band after Zayn left in 2015. Maybe that's why over 800 million people wanted to see it!

1: What Makes You Beautiful (1.1b views) The group's debut video remains their biggest. It's enough to put them in the exclusive "Billion Club" on YouTube, with numbers still rising!