Netflix announce release date for Emily in Paris season 3

Netflix announce release date for Emily in Paris season 3
Emily, in Paris

Saison trois arrive!

Netflix has announced Emily in Paris Season 3 will be released this December 21st, just in time for a Christmas binge.

Lily Collins reprises her role as Emily Cooper, the social media marketing expert with a knack for ruffling French feathers. Season two of the series left audiences with a number of cliffhangers, relating to Emily's professional and personal life. Her American boss has made her an offer for a role which requires her to leave Paris, while the stone-faced Sylvie has asked Emily to join her in establishing a new French company. "This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make," says Emily in the trailer



Meanwhile, Emily's heart is still torn between her friend's boyfriend Gabriel, and her British beau Alfie. Just as she has made the decision to confess her feelings for Gabriel, she learns Camille has double-crossed her and moved in with the French chef despite promising that neither of them would date him.

While Alfie has made it clear that he is serious about Emily, he is also moving back to London. Will she ditch all the drama and move back to Chicago? Or continue a UK-Paris love triangle?

Emily in Paris is the brainchild of Darren Star, the man behind the acclaimed TV show Sex and the City. Speaking to Variety in 2021, Star promised Emily would be "less obnoxious" in Season two and assimilate more into French culture. Will she be less annoying this season? Will she continue to make avant-American fashion choices?

Seasons one and two are available to stream now.