We're breaking into the music business with 'When Will I Be Famous'

Are you the king of karaoke? Do you fancy yourself as the next Ariana Grande?

Beat presents When Will I Be Famous - a five-part mini-series on making it in the music industry!

There's a lot more to breaking into the music business than simple talent.

Every successful artist has had a long road to that platinum-selling album or sell-out show.


Michelle Heffernan speaks to artists, music management, music producers, music media and PR, as well as the head of Universal Music Ireland and finds out all the steps you need to take to build a career in music.

Episode 1: Meet the Musicians

Michelle opens the series by speaking to two successful from the South East– Alex Gough and Chris Breheny (Moncrieff) Both of these artists have worked tirelessly to carve out their career and have dreams to get to greater heights. They share their story and advice for making it in the music biz.


Episode 2: Meet the Business People

It takes more than talent to make it in the music industry, you need to have the right people behind you. Michelle speaks to Ciaran Conroy form Milestone Music Management about the role of a music manager in developing an artist. She also chats to renowned Producer Phil Magee, who has worked with The Script, Kodaline, and Wild Youth, to name a few, all about developing the sound that sells.

Episode 3: Meet the Media


You can be the next Beyonce or Jay Z and nobody might ever know about you. A musician without an audience is like a business without customers, and you need to put work into finding your fans. Michelle speaks to Beat Presenter Rob O’ Connor about getting your music on the radio, and chats with prolific music blogger Nialler9 on using social media to your advantage.

Episode 4: Meet the Girls

So far we have met musicians, producer, press and manager, and unfortunately, they have all been men. There is still a great gender imbalance in the music industry and this needs to change. Michelle speaks to up and coming Wexford singer Saige on what it's like as a woman in the business, and asks Music PR Manager Sabrina Sheehan if the girls are finally getting their voices heard>

Episode 5: Meet the Record Label

Getting signed to a record label is a dream come true for many musicians. But what does it entail, how can you make it happen? In a rare interview with the press, Michelle asks Mark Crossingham, MD at Universal Music Ireland for advice on getting noticed by a label. Finally, she speaks to recently signed South East Artist Robert Grace about dreaming of fame, and having those dreams come true.