10 projects in the South East get a combined €1.7million in LEADER funding

10 projects in the South East get a combined €1.7million in LEADER funding

Over 1.7 million euro has been approved in Leader funding in the South East

Since its launch in 1991, LEADER has provided rural communities with funding for local development

A total of 10 projects in the South East have been selected by Local Action Groups to receive more than 100,000e each in funding.

In Carlow, 3 Projects will receive a total e443,251 while e1.28 million is to be spread across 7 projects in Waterford


Across the country, that figure stands at 6.4 million split between in excess of 200 projects.

Below is a full list of the approved funding:


Carlow | Leighlin Parish Sports Grounds Development Committee 150,000.00


Carlow | St. Laurence O'Toole Athletic Club 173,431.01

Carlow | Hacketstown Community Sports Hall 119,820.24


Waterford | Kenneally Steel Fab. Ltd 140,895.50


Waterford | Hugh Kavanagh Engineering Ltd 200,000.00

Waterford | Blackwater Distillery 200,000.00

Waterford | Ardmore Open Farm Ltd 143,247.00

Waterford | Rathgormack North Waterford Community Development Ltd 200,000.00

Waterford | DFBA Dunhill Community Hall Committee 200,000.00

Waterford | Declan O'Loughlin/Hydroelectricity Ltd 200,000.00