Aer Lingus pilots to strike next weekend

Aer Lingus pilots to strike next weekend
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Pilots who are members of IALPA in Aer Lingus will demonstrate an eight-hour strike next weekend.

The union served formal notice to Aer Lingus management this afternoon (Friday) informing the airline that pilots will strike from 5 am to 1 pm on Saturday 29th June.

IALPA had already served notice of an indefinite work-to-rule, due to commence next Wednesday, 26th June.

IALPA President Captain Mark Tighe said: “We have been forced to escalate this dispute following a campaign of antagonism by Aer Lingus management directed toward our members.


“Rather than meeting with IALPA for direct negotiations to resolve this dispute, the airline is sending letters to IALPA threatening to cut members’ terms and conditions by unilaterally terminating collective agreements.

“Aer Lingus’ legal representatives have also written to each member of the IALPA executive committee this week - in their personal capacities - threatening to issue proceedings in the High Court for alleged unlawful conduct regarding an alleged increase in pilot absence due to illness.

“IALPA refutes this allegation in the strongest terms.

“Aer Lingus has not sought any meetings since the notice of work-to-rule was served earlier this week. The company has made no effort to negotiate a settlement to avert action commencing on Wednesday,” he said.


Captain Tighe added: “The scale of next week’s anticipated flight cancellations, as described by Aer Lingus, illustrates the extent to which the company relies on the flexibility and goodwill of pilots.

“We go above and beyond to provide good service to our customers. The company has recently enjoyed a 400% increase in profits, which demonstrates how much the company benefits directly from that flexibility and goodwill.

“As always, IALPA remains open to talking with Aer Lingus in direct negotiations to settle this dispute in a way that fairly deals with pilots’ pay,” he said.

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