Call for audit of 'TD landlords' in main political parties

Call for audit of 'TD landlords' in main political parties

James Cox

There has been a call on all the major political parties to do an internal audit on themselves.

It comes after the resignation of the Junior Minister of State Robert Troy during the week amid controversy his property interests.

Aontú's Peader Tóibín is calling for reform within the political parties.

'TD landlords'


"We're calling for Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Sinn Féin to carry out an audit of their TD landlords to ensure that none of them are law-breakers in terms of this," he told Newstalk.

"Political parties continuously speak for the need for political reform at Oireachtas level - but political reform should start at home."

"The parties themselves have responsibility here."

Mr Tóibín said there should be a "zero tolerance policy" for anyone who evades property laws.


Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien has suggested that one of the possible reforms of ethics rules for politicians could be declaring accommodation “arrangements” TDs and Senators have with local authorities.

Dáil debates

In relation to the interests of politicians and how they form part of Dáil debates, Mr O’Brien said: “I think there would be a legal problem for saying TDs who are elected by the people can only vote on some things and not others. I believe there would be a very serious legal and constitutional issue with that. I think people would understand that.

“Having said that, particularly around if someone is a publican and there’s legislation coming forward or a debate in relation to licensing and the operation of pubs, then they should very clearly state it within the debate and that does happen.

“But maybe that is an element that needs to be strengthened.


“I’ve seen it many, many times over the years – I’ve been in the Dail since 2007 – that people when they get up on their feet to speak, they say, ‘Look, by the way, I’m a publican,’ and I think that’s the way to do it.”