Four puppies found abandoned in freezing conditions

Four puppies found abandoned in freezing conditions
Credit: DSPCA LinkedIn

Four puppies have been abandoned and left to freeze in a crate in a South Dublin park.

The DSPCA received a call to report the discover on Wednesday afternoon and an inspector rushed to the scene.

According to the animal welfare charity, the puppies are approximately eight weeks old.

The four pups were found with no bedding in a crate with no roof or insulation and the DSPCA believe that they had not been there for too long.


They were terrified and visibly shaking when found.

They tested positive for Parvovirus which can be fatal to young puppies and so are being monitored closely in an isolation unit.

Sharing the news on their social media, DSPCA said they were lost for words following the incident.

"We are absolutely lost for words as to how anyone could abandon helpless puppies in these freezing conditions.


"They would not have survived the night and today we could have been receiving a call about 4 dead puppies.

"Thankfully they were saved and we are grateful to the kind people who found them," the post reads.


4 innocent souls abandoned in freezing conditions 💔

Yesterday afternoon we received a call about 4 abandoned puppies in...

Posted by DSPCA on Thursday, January 18, 2024

The recent low temperature and ice weather warnings included an advisory for pet and livestock owners to be cautious of animal welfare outside in the freezing conditions.

Temperatures on the night the four pups were discovered plummeted to  -8.6C as the cold snap gripped the country.

More puppies abandoned

It's not the first incident to happen recently.

Just under two weeks ago, two puppies were found abandoned in a plastic bag.

A shocked member of the public spotted one of the tiny puppies in the middle of the road and when he got out to help, he discovered a plastic bag containing the puppy’s six siblings nearby.

They are now in the care of Dogs Trust Ireland.

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