Health expert urges people to work from home

Health expert urges people to work from home

A leading health expert says people should continue to work from home this autumn and winter, where possible.

It's after the deputy chief medical officer, Ronan Glynn, suggested the measure yesterday.

The final phase of the return-to-office plan is due to take place next Friday - subject to government approval on Tuesday.

But Trinity College neuro-scientist, Tomás Ryan, says that should be put on hold.


"I think that Ronan Glynn is absolutely correct to suggest that people should work at home as much as possible in the coming months. We only have 75% of the population vaccinated, and until we come into spring and until we vaccinate children in Ireland, we're going to be very vulnerable to this disease."

Ryan has also said that the country will pay a 'heavy cost' if the planned reopening goes ahead.

The government will make a decision on Tuesday about whether almost all restrictions will ease on October 22nd.

It'd allow nightclubs to reopen, vaccine certs to be scrapped, and almost all social-distancing and mask-wearing to end.


But Ryan says it should be deferred.

"I think it would be foolish to march ahead and pretend that nothing is happening. If we simply open as if there's not a problem then we will be paying a heavy cost sooner or later.

"What we've learned from the pandemic is that paying afterwards is far more expensive than paying up front."