HSE urge parents to protect children against sunburn

HSE urge parents to protect children against sunburn
Spectators put on suncream. Photo: PA

Parents are being urged to be SunSmart when it comes to protecting children and babies against the harmful effects of the sun.

SunSmart an initiative by the HSE aims to remind parents of the dangers of exposure to UV rays particularly for children. Children and babies will be at high risk of being burned by the sun over the weekend unless parents protect them.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland, with over 13,000 new cases diagnosed every year.

HSE Clinical lead on Dermatology Professor Anne Marie Tobin said the highest possible sun factor should be applied to children's exposed skin.


Ms Tolan also offered advice as to how to best dress to protect yourself in the sunny weather.

"Children really, really need a factor 50 on the exposed sides like the face and the back of the hands, and then clothing. Either you can buy those UV protected suits, and then you are only trying to put sunblock on the hands and the hands, toe forearms and the lower legs.

"Running after children to put on sunblock is not their favourite activity,

"A t-shirt that doesn't allow the light through. So if you hold it up to the sun, and you can see the light through it, it's too light. So something like cotton will protect you, but linin won't.


By Michael Bolton

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