Most popular baby names of 2020 in Ireland unveiled

Most popular baby names of 2020 in Ireland unveiled

By Joleen Murphy

Jack and Grace were the most popular baby names of 2020.

It marks the first time that Grace has claimed the top spot for girls.

Last year 410 baby girls were named Grace, making it the most popular choices for newborn girls.


It's the first time since 2011 that Emily has not taken top spot - but she remains in the top 5 along with Fiadh, Sophie and Ava.

There's no change for boys, Jack is the most popular name followed by James, Noah, Daniel and Conor.

It can be a difficult decision for parents.

Penny, Luna and Croía are among the 7 girls names to break into the top 100, with Sonny the only new entrant for boys.


Some of the less popular names chosen last year included Zaria, Vienna, Roxie, Creed, Klay, and Weston.

50 years ago John and Mary were the most popular names in Ireland.

There were 1,896 new Mary's in 1970, but last year the name was only chosen by 64 parents.