Motorists urged to stop filling their fuel tanks after the 'first click'

Motorists urged to stop filling their fuel tanks after the 'first click'
Photo by Engin Akyurt

People who continue to fuel their tanks after they hear a 'click' are needlessly wasting fuel and potentially causing hundreds of euro in damage to their vehicle.

That's the warning from motoring expert Graham Conway fromΒ Select Car Leasing who is urging drivers to stop topping up their tanks once they hear a clicking sound.

We've all heard that noise when we fill our cars to the brim, and while it's tempting to keep pumping until you get to a round number, doing so could have dire consequences.

Graham explained that fuel pumped after the click often does not go into the fuel tank. Instead, the excess petrol or diesel is redirected through a fuel tank port at the top of the fuel tank before being deposited onto the ground beneath your vehicle.


For some motorists, overfilling could prove even more troublesome. Speaking to Wales Online, Mr. Conway said: "A more serious issue, one that could damage your car and cost you serious cash, is connected to the vapour recovery system. This prevents evaporated petrol or diesel when you release the petrol cap to fill up, capturing it in a charcoal canister instead."

He continued: "If you are forcing surplus petrol or diesel into the tank, this can propel liquid fuel into the pipes and damage the vapour recovery system."

Flooding like this can activate dashboard warning lights and run the risk of destroying a vehicle's emissions system - resulting in a failed NCT test and a repair bill of around €750.

So aside from satisfying the inner OCD in all of us, nobody wins when you fill your car's tank to the brim...