Terrifying footage shows moment fairground ride collapses at theme park

Terrifying footage shows moment fairground ride collapses at theme park
Fairground Ride Collapse, Video Screenshot

At least 15 people, including several children, have been injured following a fairground ride collapse.

The incident occurred in the Rajasthan state of northwestern India.

Terrifying footage shows the colourful ride plummeting towards the ground as the 25 people aboard screamed – all while onlookers looked helplessly on.


Falling from what appeared to be the ride's highest point, the amusement crashed to the ground with a loud thud.

The Metro reports that the fairground ride's operator fled the scene following the incident.

Those who were injured received medical attention from emergency services who attended the scene. Police were also on site.

Closer to home, a theme park popular with Irish tourists remains closed after a man was thrown out of a rollercoaster ride.


The incident occurred in October last year on the Treetops ride at Oakwood Theme Park in Wales.

BBC News reported at the time that Wales Air Ambulance Service was flown to the scene of the accident before a patient was taken away for treatment.

According to eye-witness reports, a man was thrown out of the rollercoaster ride when carriages at the rear became "loose" and  started to "slip and slide off the track."

One individual present claimed to have heard a young girl in a state of distress screaming "stop" – it is understood this individual shared a carriage with the male who had been ejected from the ride.


Once the ride stopped, facility staff were at hand to aid with people's disembarkment. Passengers also stated that the male who had fallen from the carriage was treated by the staff, an ambulance technician and a nurse before the arrival of the air ambulance service.

The 40-person capacity Treetops Rollercoaster has been operating at the theme park since 1989, boasts a top speed of 22.4 mph and a peak elevation of 26.3 feet.

The ride remains closed until the end of March this year.