Heatwave has arrived and temperatures are climbing

Heatwave has arrived and temperatures are climbing

The heatwave has officially begun and temperatures are expected to climb toward the high 20's throughout the week.

With temperatures starting to grow across the region, a yellow alert for Leinster and Munster comes into effect from tomorrow.

Met Éireann have stated that today will be dry, warm and sunny, with highs of 23 to 26 degrees



It is expected to be clear and dry tonight, with temperatures not dropping below 15 degrees.

The interim Chief Medical officer, Professor Breda Smyth, is warning of the health risks around the hot weather.

We are reminded that there are notable signs of heat exhaustion which include headache, dizziness, fast breathing or pulse and being extremely thirsty.

The HSE are also providing information on how to best avoid and treat sunburn, as this can inevitably lead to heat exhaustion.


Tomorrow will also be warm and sunny, with the hottest weather forecast in Leinster and Munster.

Temperatures are expected to climb as high as 28 degrees in light winds.

Met Éireann have stated that Friday and Saturday will be hot and sunny, with a low chance of isolated showers.

Highest temperatures of 25 to 28 or 29 degrees in light variable breezes, the hottest inland.

Sunday is also expected to be a hot day with sunshine to start, although there is an increased likelihood of heavy showers, and they could be heavy.

Current indications suggest that temperatures will fall back closer to average for the time of year from next Monday, with low pressure taking over and bringing showers.