Thousands of Dublin buildings at risk of flooding by 2100

Thousands of Dublin buildings at risk of flooding by 2100

Thousands of buildings in Dublin's City Centre are at risk of flooding by 2100.

80 more years of climate change could see waters of almost 2 metres in depth damaging businesses and homes.

Areas such as the Financial Services Centre, the North Wall and Sandymount in the Capital could find themselves battling floodwaters of 1.7 metres in height by the turn of the century.

That's according to tech company Cervest, who study how climate change affects businesses around the world.


Unless rising sea levels are slowed down, Cervest forecasts damage to over 8,500 buildings in Dublin City alone.

Darragh Doyle, Communications Lead with EPIC Irish Emigration Museum and CHQ, which are situated in the IFSC, says the businesses and families of the Docklands feel helpless.

"The IFSC is not just all of those businesses, there are so many people who have their homes down there, so many families being raised there.

"It needs to be addressed as urgently as the amount of rubbish that's on Dublin streets."


Though the State encourages individuals to make lifestyle changes to combat rising seas, many experts believe climate catastrophe is unavoidable without industries and governments going green.

Independent Environmentalist Jack O'Sullivan says the people of Dublin can't make a difference to rising sea levels on their own.

"Put immense pressure, as much as you can, on the government.

"We have to stop burning fossil fuels, so no more oil, coal or gas.


Cervest admits an increase in Dublin flooding is already unavoidable but major climate action will be required to avoid damage to thousands of lives.



Photo: Pexels Images/Markus Spiske