One of Ireland's biggest Toy Appeals needs YOU!

One of Ireland's biggest Toy Appeals needs YOU!

One of the biggest ever Toy Appeals in Ireland is taking place this Christmas.

The team behind this amazing gesture is The Facebook group, Mas on a Mission, which is made up of nearly 100,000 women from all over Ireland and abroad.

Group founder Suzanne Burke said she wanted the group to achieve something positive and with so many people in need this year, she decided - with the help of her admin team - to run a Christmas toy appeal.

The best part about the toy appeal is that all of the donated toys will be distributed to more than 100 charities across the nation. This means that the appeal is not focusing on a sole charity but a wide variety.


There are many ways you can help out such as donating or becoming a volunteer (transport in particular is being sought after).

If you would like to donate a toy by post, you can send it to this address:


Nesta Storage,

DMG House,

Deansgrange Business Park, 

Dublin 18.

If you're out of the country or would like to send a financial donation, you can go to the  Go-Fund-Me page. The page has already received almost €16,000, which is €14,000 euro more than what Suzanne had originally targeted.

All of the money that is donated will be used to buy toys and they'll also be distributed with the rest.


The main part of the toy appeal is the donation pick-up points. This will take place across the nation, but below we've listed the points that are closes to you in the region. The pick-up points will be running on the 16th of November between 10am and 1pm.

All of the toys will be brought to the Nesta storage unit and distributed to the charities all over Ireland in the first week of December. If you'd like to get involved, you can contact the Mas on a Mission page on Facebook.