Wexford women 'leading' the way on Operation Transformation

Wexford women 'leading' the way on Operation Transformation

There are over 60 parkruns taking place across the country at 9.30am every Saturday morning as part of this years Operation Transformation.

Here in the south east this Saturday the region's leader will be heading up the 5k in Kennedy Park in New Ross.

Mairead Redmond is the youngest leader and is from Wexford.

She studies at W.I.T and also works as a chocolatier at the Truffle Fairy in Thomastown.


Mairead will feature in tonight's episode on RTE1 AT 8.30 and she explains what made her enter the show

"I wanted to apply for it last year but a friend kind of put me off asking if I'd even have time to do it. I just agreed saying ah yeah your probably right.

I saw the Celebrity version of the programme and I said I'd definitely to apply for it this year.

When you apply for it, it really forces you to think about everything and your habits and your lifestyle in general.


The only I'd say to people is to apply for it! It's a great experience"

Mairead also said the Judges were nice people behind it all.

"It's amazing how the programme is edited.

There's so much actually goes on.


The judges are there to help but they're lovely.

It's difficult in general in life to listen to any criticsm but they are genuinly lovely people"