Housing prices in the South East up almost €20,000

Housing prices in the South East up almost €20,000
A house with a 'Sold' sign outside, © PA Media

A new report from Davy shows that housing prices in one county in the South East have risen by an average of €20,000.

The average price of a house has risen by 4.1% nationally.

While the price of houses in Waterford and Tipperary remain largely unchanged in the third quarter of the year, there are huge surges in the price of housing in Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny.


The average cost of a house in Waterford is steady and has remained at €210,000. This is an increase of €5,000 since this time last year. The average time for a sale to take place is within 2 months. Some houses in Waterford, such as this one, are selling for upwards of €450,000.



The cost of housing in Tipperary also remains steady, with a Tipp property averaging at €200,000. The price has risen by €5,000 since this time last year. Tipperary also has a slower selling time of an average of 4 months.


However, the cost of housing in Wexford has risen by €5,000 in the past three months, and €15,000 since last year. While on average the cost of houses in Wexford have increased, a 3-bed semi-detached house in the country now costs €10,000 less than it did three months ago, and the price of a 4-bed semi-detached house in Wexford fell by €15,ooo.


Property prices in Kilkenny have risen by €6,000 on average in the past quarter. The average cost of a house in the county is now at €250,000, with semi-detached country houses rising in price by €2,500 in the past quarter. However, compared to last year, the average price of a property in Kilkenny has dropped by €15,000.


The average cost of a house in County Carlow has soared by €19,975 in the past quarter alone. In comparison to last year the cost of a house has risen by €24,975, with an increase of 15% in the number of houses in the market.


According to Davy, the period of falling property prices which we saw earlier this year has passed. The average mortgage approval now sits at €298,800. Ireland avoided the falling property prices seen elsewhere due to our strong economy and the nature of the Irish housing market. While housing in the South East has risen in price, it is not just in this region that we see prices rising. Property prices continue to rise nationwide.