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Sentencing date revealed for Waterford FC owner Andy Pilley

Sentencing date revealed for Waterford FC owner Andy Pilley

Andy Pilley is to be sentenced on July 3 for the fraud charges that he was found guilty of by an English Court last Friday.

The Blues chairman appeared for a pre-sentence hearing at Preston Crown Court late yesterday afternoon about allegations of misselling energy supplies.


He was found guilty last Friday with two counts of running his energy business with the intention of defrauding creditors, one count of being concerned with the retention of criminal property and another of false representations.

The Lancashire Post reports that when asked by His Honour Knowles roughly the scale of the amount taken to be in its thousands or millions, Miss Khan, acting on behalf of the prosecution, believed it to be "in the £15 million ballpark".

The 52-year-old's defence revealed that he wishes to be sentenced as quickly as possible, as his situation was "far from ideal".


He has been remanded in custody until his sentencing, which could be subject to change later this week.

Waterford FC is keen to reiterate that it is business as usual at the RSC.

A club statement read: "Waterford Football Club would like to reassure supporters the Club will continue to operate as normal and there will be no risk to the future of the club.

"The Club’s Senior Management Team and directors have been planning for a number of months for the event of a verdict of this nature.


"A meeting of the Club’s management has taken place this morning and plans are already in operation to ensure its business as usual.

"We’d like to reassure supporters charges are solely brought against Andy Pilley and not Waterford Football Club, Fleetwood Town Football Club or any of the businesses attached to the group.

"An announcement regarding the next step will be made in due course."

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