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South East accounts for 3% of country's homelessness

South East accounts for 3% of country's homelessness

A recent report by the Department of Housing shows that the South East accounts for just 3% of Ireland's homelessness figures.

Waterford has the highest number, with 79 adults accessing emergency accommodation there during the week from August 21st to 27th.

Kilkenny registered 45 adults as homeless, while 44 are deemed homeless in Wexford, and 39 in Tipperary.

Carlow has the lowest number of homeless adults. There are 35 adults there without a place to call home.


242 adults were in emergency accommodation in the South East in August, 192 of which were single adults.

Other South East figures


25-44 year-olds is the age bracket with the highest level of homelessness. There were 141 people between these ages homeless.

Those aged 65 and over is the least common age to be homeless with just eight people in the South East without a home in this category.

There are 31 homeless 18-24 year-olds and 62 45-64 year-olds.



202 of those without a home in the South East are Irish nationals.

29 are European or from the UK while 11 are from elsewhere in the world.

Emergency Accommodation

During the week of August 21st to 27th, there were 40 families living in emergency accommodation in the South East region.

Of those, 31 are single-parent families.


There was a total of 59 dependent children living in emergency accommodation during that week.

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