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Watch: Dolphin pod spotted along Waterford city stretch of the River Suir

Watch: Dolphin pod spotted along Waterford city stretch of the River Suir

A small pod of dolphins have been spotted along a stretch of the River Suir opposite Waterford city.

The below footage captures what appears to be two dolphins breaking the river's surface directly opposite Waterford's North Quays development.

Though not yet confirmed by experts, the species appears to be a common dolphin.

There are further reports of the pod and seals being spotted slightly further downstream at Waterford Castle.



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According to local fishermen, it is highly unusual for dolphins to be spotted so far upstream - in fact, this is the first time Beat has reported such an occurrence in the South East.


The Irish Whale and Dolphin group say that the common dolphin is the "most regularly sighted and stranded Irish dolphin species. Since 2011 a sixfold increase in the number of strandings has occurred from typically 20 – 40 strandings per year to the latest record set in 2018 at 118. The cause of this increased mortality is currently unknown."

Now that they're in Deise territory, could these dolphins sound a little like John Mullane?

Crazy as it sounds, dolphins swimming off the coast of Wales have been found to have their own distinct 'Welsh' accent.

Pods swimming around Cardigan Bay were found to speak faster than those in the rest of the world.


Experts on the BBC nature series Wonders of the Celtic Deep' made the discovery during a study of 240 bottlenose dolphins.

They found their whistles had a unique regional signature made at a higher frequency than other pods around Britain and Ireland.

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