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Rally to take place outside New Ross Post Office today

Rally to take place outside New Ross Post Office today

A rally is due to take place outside New Ross Post Office this afternoon, in an attempt to "save the service."

An Post announced plans to change the business operating model which would most likely see the services it provides move to a different location.

It's caused concern among locals who have joined forces to sign a petition to save the post office.

It has received almost 1,200 signatures so far.


 The rally has been announced by New Ross Councillor Michael Sheehan.

“Since hearing the news, I have been very proactive in leading the charge against the plans and I am calling on An Post to reverse this decision.

“I am continuing to campaign in New Ross, engaging with the public and taking further names for the petition that will ensure is forwarded to An Post.

“The decision by An Post flies in the face of Government policy in terms of revitalising our country’s town centres and I know my party colleague, Minister Jack Chambers, also shares my concerns.


“The County Council has also adopted a motion calling for the decision to be reversed and for Ministerial intervention.

“This decision completely undercuts the work of the Government to protect town centres. The loss of the post office will mean a loss of a vital link for hundreds of people who rely on it as one of the only social contacts they have to access key services.”

Speaking to Beat News, Cllr Sheehan expressed concerns that many older people use the Post Office as a way of socialising.

"The Post Office in New Ross would serve not just South Wexford, but South Kilkenny so a lot of people, once a week, will come into town or come from wherever they are and really for a lot of older people, this is the only contact they have with their community. It might be the only contact with humanity in many ways.


"This whole service looks like it's going to be taken away or privatised and I just don't know how we're going to explain to somebody in their late 80s that if they want to go for their pension, you have to go into a supermarket and you have to go to a booth to be served by somebody else. It's not really good enough and I think An Post, as a semi-state body, should know better."

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