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Mandatory hotel quarantine laws passed in Dáil

Mandatory hotel quarantine laws passed in Dáil

TDs have voted in favour of bringing back laws to allow the Government enforce mandatory hotel quarantine.

They took the decision in a vote that was passed in the Dail last night which applies to overseas arrivals.

The bill will now be sent to the Seanad for approval.

Sinn Fein health spokesperson and Waterford TD, David Cullinane, says his party backed the legislation:


"Sinn Féin supported the legislation. We did so with a view that we don't want this provision of the legislation to be brought into effect if we can avoid it.

"It was to enable us to deploy the hotel quarantine if and when it's necessary, we hope it won't be necessary."

It's as household visits and indoor hospitality will be targetted as part of new restrictions to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

It's understood NPHET has recommended limiting household mixing - allowing one household gather with three others - until mid-February.


Opening hour limits and rules around table sittings and multiple bookings at pubs and restaurants are also proposed.

There has been a further 4,163 Covid cases, while 545 people are in hospital with the virus, and 117 in ICU.

"Even a lower number, where there's 100, it has a highly disproportionate impact on our health system" said HSE chief executive Paul Reid, who believes the system's still under major pressure.

"We have to isolate, we have to close down wards. Thankfully what I would say is that for this week we've certainly seen a stabilisation, it's a stabilisation at a very high level.


"Should this turn again, at a period that we know is high risk around Christmas, this could be a really difficult winter for us."