Top 5 childhood Halloween movies

Top 5 childhood Halloween movies
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With one day to go until Halloween, we are counting down our top 5 childhood Halloween movies to watch this Halloween! Whether its with your kids, nieces and nephews or just to relive your childhood, grab yourself a spooky snack (or maybe a Halloween cocktail!) and rewatch these childhood gems!

#5. Monster House

If we are being totally honest, we can't actually remember all that much about this movie, except for the fact that we were terrified. The movie is based around a haunted house - but here is the kicker: the house is not haunted, it is alive! Definitely not one for the fraidy-cats.

#4. Halloweentown

If you are a Halloween lover, this was definitely your favourite as a kid. This town, which celebrates Halloween all year-round, and its inhabitants are made up of all manner of spooky and ghoulish creatures. When Marnie learns that she is a witch on her 13th birthday, she goes to live with her grandmother in Halloweentown, but soon learns that not all of its inhabitants are as nice as they seem...

#3. Goosebumps

Okay, we know, the movies were not made until a few years ago, but we know that you read the books! So why not indulge yourself in recounting some of those stories. With Jack Black playing none other than R. L. Stein himself, with his sidekick ventriloquist dummy, this is a must-watch for any fans of the book series! What is not to love about this movie?

#2. Hocus Pocus


Oh the memes! The iconic moments! What more could you possibly want from a Halloween movie? It is scary and spooky and hilariously funny, and has brought us to tears on more than one occasion! Centered around a teenage boy who accidentally resurrects three witches in Salem on Halloween night, he must try to stop them before they take over the world, with the help of his little sister, and the adorable Mr Binks. It is an adventure like no other!

#1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

From the mastermind Tim Burton, this quirky cult-favourite follows Jack Skellington as he leaves his Halloween world in pursuit of happiness, only to find Christmas! To be honest, we could have put any of Tim Burton's masterpiece movies in here (like The Corse Bride, or Frankenweenie), but this is our favourite. This movie feels like walking into the shop and seeing Christmas trees beside the Jack o' Lanterns!

Did your favourite make our top 5 childhood Halloween movies? Let us know!

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