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Kilkenny fraudster Catriona Carey calls for crunch meeting with RTÉ chief

Kilkenny fraudster Catriona Carey calls for crunch meeting with RTÉ chief
Catriona Carey, RTÉ Investigates

Kilkenny fraudster, Catriona Carey, has called for a meeting with RTÉ chief, Dee Forbes.

It's in relation to an episode of RTÉ Investigates that aired in February last year.

It outlined Carey's alleged scheme that targeted people whose homes were to be repossessed.

A report in the Irish Daily Mail states that she sent an email to RTÉ, the Garda Commissioner, the Press Ombudsman, and the Taoiseach.


The leaked email requesting a meeting with Dee Forbes states that the way she was portrayed was "unfair."

Carey claims the programme "led to the most horrific abuse and scrutiny anyone could ever face without the truth being established."

She also says she will not have the opportunity of a fair trial when she goes to court as "the media and RTÉ are now the new judge and jury in this case."

As Carey is not a public figure, she claims the abuse she has faced is not normal for "private citizens."


During the programme, RTÉ highlighted that Carey was a former hockey player for Ireland and the sister of Kilkenny hurling legend DJ Carey.

"I am a vulnerable mother of two. I can point to many cases before the courts that do not receive the amount of media scrutiny that I have been subject to," she said in her email.

"I now request a meeting with Dee Forbes and the programme editor for RTÉ Investigates immediately," Carey added.

The email was sent on May 27th and RTÉ has refused to comment on whether this meeting will take place.

So, what allegations are made against Catriona Carey?


The RTÉ Investigates programme reported that Carey had a business proposition to buy people's distressed loans from their banks at a reduced price.

She then offered to sell them back to the homeowners at that lower rate, meaning they could stay in their homes.

A deposit was asked for upfront and it was promised that it would be paid back, but it was not.

Clients were told that Carey was dealing with their lenders to buy their mortgages, but she was not.

It's alleged that she has taken €500,000 from families who had already been under extreme financial pressure while the monies received were used to go on foreign holidays, buy a €55,000 BMW, and collect designer clothes.

She was arrested in April of this year and admitted to spending €200,000 of money that was deposited in the Careysfort Asset Estates Ltd accounts.

Carey also claims she was not alone in her fraudulent activities.  The joint secretary of her company, Patrick Maher of Wexford, is currently awaiting sentencing for four unrelated counts of obtaining monies by deception as well as another count of conning a woman out of her car.

Carey says Maher had access to money that was being used to fund the purchase of people's mortgages.

He denies the claims.

In 2020, Carey was convicted of fraud and theft after forging a cheque made payable to herself.

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