10 things Irish women need to explain right this minute

10 things Irish women need to explain right this minute
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10. What's with the ever growing obsession with MUAs, fashion bloggers and beauty vloggers?
"Hi guys"- once that was a simple but hearty greeting but now it has become an annoying cliche. Does one not tire of this? Surely makeup can't be that difficult? Have faith in your own ability!

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9. Shopping etiquette double standards
Females can shop for their other halves underpants and nobody bats an eyelid, reverse the roles and everybody loses their mind. Also, why do women feel the need to stretch the waistband of boxer shorts to within an inch of their elastic lives?!


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8. Why do you claim you don't want anything in the chipper then proceed to eat the majority of our meals?
I have been thinking about this take away all week, allow me to enjoy it in all its delicious glory. This isn't exclusive to chipper food; Chinese, Indian, Kebabs and Pizza- nothing is safe!

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7. This tall, dark and handsome thingย 
We've heard it so many times before and yet we remain endearingly pale, standing at an average height. Why do so many ladies want a tall guy? Girls come in all shapes and sizes and so do we, variety is the spice of life. Now that's a cliche we can live with.

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6. Must you constantly mention you have a boyfriend?
This definitely isn't confined to any one gender! But we get it, we shouldn't hit on you. Likewise, maybe not be so presumptive; we might not be interested anyway!



5. Why the constant need to walk at least two or three abreast on footpaths?ย 
Even in urban areas, there's a refusal to walk in single file. Okay, I'll just risk death by walking on the very busy road so you can continue your conversation about the hat you may wear for Amy's wedding.

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4. The whole concept of jersey pullers
Depending on which of the five counties one resides, this may vary from sport to sport. But for the most part, it's hurling, we know good stick work is an admirable trait in any man but is it enough to woo Ireland's finest? Are jersey pullers the GAA's equivalent of WAG's? The mind boggles.

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3. Why do you feel the need get dressed up to do really simple and mundane things?ย 
Walking the dog does not always require the most up-to-date yoga pants or intricate hairdo. Purchasing a carton of milk from the local supermarket doesn't always require picture perfect makeup artistry. Like Oasis said; "true perfection has to be imperfect".

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2. Why can't you close your mouth when putting on mascara?ย 
One of the great mysteries of life- similar to men sticking their tongue out whilst trying to concentrate on reversing the car. Apparently, it makes it harder to blink when you keep your mouth open. Knowledge is power- remember this tip next time you have to endure something really boring!

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1. Why can't we just leave the darn toilet seat up?ย 
A simple debate but the cause of much controversy in many households across the region. Sure isn't it just as easy for you to put it down as it is for me to put it up? Isn't equality important in this day and age?! We don't always have the best aim so it's best for you to go with us on this!

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