12 things that annoy a bartender

12 things that annoy a bartender

So, let's be honest. A number of us have, at some stage, worked in a bar or in some cases still do work in a bar.

Quickly, you learn that customers can be very, very annoying.

It's not even things that you would notice when you're the one waiting to be served, it takes having to work behind the bar, or knowing someone who has gone through these experiences, before you realise just how irritating customers can be.

So when you're reading this list and laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it, just be aware that YOU could be doing one or more of these when you're out on a Saturday night:


1. Clicking your fingers

elisha cuthbert happy endings gif

In simple terms, the bartender isn't a dog.

2. Waving money


Great, you've got dollah bills. So does everyone else, apart from people who are paying by card. Which leads me to...

3. Paying by card.

You understand how long it takes for the machine to process your payment right? It's not always necessarily your fault, and if you ask for cash-back then you're ok, but if you continue to pay by card for every order you make then it is absolutely 100 percent your fault.

And don't get me started on people who forget their PIN.


Some people know this already, but just get cash-back. You'll be fine

4. Calling the bartender by his/her name

If your mate is working behind the bar, he/she will look after you. So don't call their name. You're supposed to be on their side, you're supposed to feel their pain, feel sorry for them and not be one of the dopes. You're supposed to make life easy for them.

When you rock up to the bar, give them 5 minutes, you will, more than likely, get your drink ahead of others.

If you find out their name and start calling but don't know who they are, then you're going to get nothing.

5. Doing all the shouting, roaring, clicking etc and when you eventually get served, you still don't know what to order

Don't need to explain any further. No matter what, make sure you know what you want when you come to the bar.

6. Demanding a drink

'Can I have a lucozade, please?'
'Get me a lucozade there.'

Which one are you? Which one do you think a bartender appreciates more?

Your parent's taught you manners as a child. Don't have the bartender ask you for those manners. It's embarrassing for all involved

7. Asking for a free one

See those shots you got for free?

They're most likely water, probably from the glass washer*

*They're not really, but don't push them.

In simple terms, it's not happening. Don't be that guy.

8. Asking for one after the bar has closed

You shouldn't do any of the things listed in this post, but ESPECIALLY don't do this one, for a number of reasons.

The bar is closed. It's the law. Simple as.

If you're just chancing your arm and the bartender says no, and you say 'fair enough', then there won't actually be a problem. However, it's when you push it, like this:

That'll rile them up completely. No means no. Besides, if the bar is closed then it's time to go get yourself a taco chip.

9. Just saying 'give us any shot there'

Brandy. Enjoy.

10. 'can I get anything for €3'?

Probably not, and if you've only got 3 quid left you've probably had enough anyway.

11. Not having cash ready to pay.

Ok, I know I said don't wave money, but while the bartender is preparing your drink, at least take this time to get your money ready. There's loads of other people at the bar waiting.

12. Holding out a handful of change

Mate. Come on. Have the change ready. It's a chore for a bartender to have to pick change out of your sweaty hands

So when you plan your night out this weekend, think of the poor souls who will be serving you in the club. Don't do any of the above and everyone's experience will be a good one.