Recycle with Repak this Easter

Recycle with Repak this Easter

Repak is looking to get more of us throughout Ireland to recycle better round Easter.

Did you know that Repak’s 2,200 members fund both domestic and commercial packaging recycling, funding recycling bins for almost every home in Ireland, diverting 8.5million tonnes of used packaging from landfill assisting in the creation of 5,000 jobs, making Ireland a cleaner environment for us all to live in.

Repak’s members are represented in every aspect of Irish business including retail, beverages, food, personal care, printing, pharmaceutical, hotels, catering and many more.

Recycling can be sometimes difficult to get your head around but according to our survey, 92% of people are confident that they know what should go into the recycling bin, and a further 84% clean their rubbish before putting into their bin.


Easter is seen as a time to gorge on chocolate after the clean living 40 days of lent. 67% of people gave something up for lent, with chocolate being top of the list with sweets a close second.

Although Easter is a religious holiday, 53% of people say eating way to much chocolate is the event that best sums up Easter.

One of the staggering finds from the survey is that the average spent on Easter eggs is between €20 and €30 at 44%. Some 9% spend €50 to €75. How big are these Easter Eggs?

Back to recycling, there can be a lot of waste come Easter Sunday, judging by the amount of Eggs we eat, but how much do we recycle. 67% of people surveyed say they recycle all of the rubbish from Easter.


If you are one of the people who gave up chocolate, having your own stash of eggs isn’t enough, over 75% have admitted to eating part of someone else’s Easter Egg, with 34% putting it down to having no self control.

To other surprising facts that come from the survey is the almost 50/50 answers regarding eating meat and drinking alcohol on Good Friday. Regards not eating meat on Good Friday, its 54% not eating meat while 55% say they don’t drink on Good Friday.

But with all the fun around Easter, is the Irish public recycling more around Easter, well 54% feel their recycle bin is considerably more full after the Easter weekend.

So how can you help?

  • Make sure you only put recyclable items in your recycling bin.
  • Compress or fold cardboard boxes flat before putting them into your recycling bin.
  • Fold the aluminium foil from Easter eggs.
  • Ensure all your plastic food containers, milk cartons and drinks containers are clean before you put them in the recycle bin.
  • Contamination is a big problem in recycling bins so please ensure you are putting the right items that are clean into the recycling bin.