6 experiences every Leaving Cert student goes through during the mocks

It's certainly mocks season, or end of mocks season depending on what school you're in.

For those of you in Leaving Cert who don't quite know what they are, the mocks represent a time of panic because the usually harder-than-normal Leaving-style exams give students a kick up the you-know-where they need for the real thing in June

So just what exactly do you 6th years experience during the dreaded mocks? Let's a have a run down:

1. Looking through the paper, and realising you're in trouble

2. The fear you get realising everyone else is writing, while you're looking up from your paper


3. When you go into an exam confident, then you draw a blank

4. When you realise the next exam is Maths


5. When procrastination levels get out of control


6. Finishing the exam unsure of how you did, and not really caring

Anything else you think we may have missed?

On a serious note, if you think you did badly, don't panic! There's still plenty of time for you to change that. There's also this little stat which might make you feel a little better: