9 TV shows we all miss

9 TV shows we all miss

We all had them.

There was always had a schedule of TV shows we watched when we got back from school, before dinner and sitting down to do our homework.

Here's just a few of the old favourites from our childhood:

1. Saved By The Bell


How could you not love this show?

It was part of a lot of our lives growing up. 6 very different people who you wouldn't think would be a close group of friends.

I think it's fair to say that, even though most ladies fancied Zack Morris and likewise men with Kelly Kepowski, we were still rooting for them to come through in the end. They were the first power couple!


You had Jessie and Slater as well as Lisa and Screech (a nominee for the most bizarre couple in history if it ever came to pass) also.

Aside from the love lives of them, the scheming and laughs provided were legendary.

2. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

A catchy theme song, a barrell of laughs, and Will Smith. can you really ask for more?


Sure, it's still shown on repeat on a couple of stations, but you still watch it, you still laugh, and you still wish they made more.

Also, it provided legendary moments in television, such as their dance moves:


And don't forget when Will and Carlton danced to 'Jump On It' to try and get out of Vegas

3. Rugrats

You had to have a cartoon in here, and there was none better than 5 toddlers who were learning their way around the world.

From Tommy's screwdriver to get him out of their play area, to Angelica's attempts to be evil (but really she was a softie at heart), the thrills and spills kept us glued to our TV's just to see how they panned out.

Not to mention, the clever idea to have them mis-pronounce some words to show how they're just babies at the end of the day. It wasn't appreciated enough at the time (mainly because we were kids ourselves).

Also, some occasions when they took real-life events with their own take was excellent, like when Tommy played Moses:


4. Friends

A slightly controversial one, because you can still catch repeats of this everywhere, but people have been literally crying out for a friends reunion.

I think it's fair to say that this show is missed, and to be honest even with all the repeats, people can appreciate just how funny it was.

The ongoing Ross and Rachel will they won't they saga, to the awkwardness of them having a baby together and then you had the dysfunctional marraige of Chandler and Monica (which was never under-threat, but was still great television at times).

And not to mention Joey's tips for breaking the ice when men are getting to know a woman:

5. Arthur

This one might be for the younger ones, but even if you were a bit too old, the 'and I said hey!' made you instantly respond 'HEY!!' when the theme tune came on.

Or maybe it was just me, but still!

Nobody really knows what kind of animal Arthur was, but it was a fun show that wasn't to be taken too seriously.

6. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I could have picked about 10 different theme tunes for this one, but the one above was my favourite, so I went with that one.

Imagine you have to deal with the usual drama that comes with becoming a teenager, then realising you're a witch as well!

It was a great laugh, which addressed the issues young people face when growing up as well. It was a perfect mix and throwing in the 'magic' that comes with living a life with so much support

And of course, how can we ignore the outstanding, show-stealing moments from Salem the family cat.


7. Two Of A Kind

How this show only lasted one season is beyond me. It's definitely one of those shows that was ended too early and there was definitely more potential for growth and could have taken on at least another season.

It was widely popular, with the Olsen Twins doing what they did best as child actors, although it was their father that arguably stole the show with his eccentricity coupled with his love for his daughters as he struggled mixing his job as a university lecturer and a single parent.

It was so popular, that it often did battle with Sabrina and Saved By The Bell in the Nickelodeon stakes. Not bad for a show with only one season!

8. Recess

You know I very nearly forgot about this!

What a show. So easy to watch, relatable characters and just stuff that we all wished we could do at school.

Every kind of person we met at school was represented in this show, the chancer, the rebel, the nerd, the person who's good at sports, the loveable big guy, and the shy one who was completely accident prone.

Then you had the king of the playground, and the teacher who was just no craic.

9. Blind Date

Everyone's guilty pleasure. There's no way it would have been as successful as it was without the help of the outstanding Cilla Black (RIP).

Watching people getting to know each other without seeing each other, then the awkward first embrace and hello's when one of them was picked.

Then the awkward dates as well. Apparently a lot of love was found on this entertaining Saturday evening bonanza!


There's countless more that could be included in this list, let us know which tv shows you miss!