Beat documentary gets shortlisted at Mental Health Media Awards

Beat documentary gets shortlisted at Mental Health Media Awards

The documentary, "The Truth About Eating Disorders" by Michelle Heffernan has been shortlisted for an award at the 2020 Mental Health Media Awards.

The event recognises excellence in the coverage of mental health issues across Ireland and is set to be held on 2nd December.

Aired in February 2020, " The Truth About Eating Disorders" aimed to shine a spotlight on serious mental illnesses from a first-person perspective.

“Getting over anorexia was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life...but it is the reason I am still alive today”, says Michelle.


In The Truth About Eating Disorders, Beat presenter Michelle Heffernan seeks to raise awareness on the subject of mental health, speaking to eating disorder experts, survivors, and openly shares her own personal story with the mental illness.

“This was the most difficult project I have ever worked on but also the most important”, Michelle says. “You are not alone in dealing with an eating disorder. You can find support and you can regain your life”.

“The Truth About Eating Disorders offers information to listeners on a specific category of mental illness.

“It also offers hope. Many people may not realise they have an eating disorder and may not know that help is available. You can recover from an eating disorder and regain a healthy life again.”


The documentary has now been shortlisted in the long form category of Mental Health broadcasting at the Mental Health Media Awards - which recognises factual journalistic or magazine programmes broadcast on television or radio, that deals with current stories, topics or issues in, about or related to mental ill health.

See below to listen to the Beat documentary.

For information and support on Eating Disorders visit or call their helpline in 01 2107906