Could this be the best song to have sex to?

Could this be the best song to have sex to?
Image: Cottonbro Studio Pexels

Let's Marvin Gaye and Get It On. And so on.

Music has long helped us feel in the amorous mood, but did you know the speed of the song can enhance your intimacy too?

Scientists have identified the ideal song speed to complement sex, and you're not going to believe which song is, supposedly, erotically enhancing.

Taylor Swift Love Story



According to Metro UK, songs with 119BPM (beats per minute) have the best tempo for intimacy and as usual, Taylor Swift is dominating the charts on this.

When the researchers  looked for playlists on Spotify with the words "sex", "sexy" and "intimacy" in the title, they found that Love Story, by Taylor Swift was the most streamed 119BPM song among these.


The following were the top songs with this tempo across the playlists:

1.Love Story, Taylor Swift

2.Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

3.Just Dance, Lady Gaga


4.Poker Face, Lady Gaga

5.Smack That, Akon & Eminem

6.Double Fantasy, The Weeknd

7.Dead to Me, Kali Uchis

8.I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Whitney Houston

9.Dream Girl, Dean Martin

10.Frozen, Sabrina Claudio

Of course, while the song speed might be suitable for the rhythm of sex, the lyrics of these night not be to everyone's taste.

But next time you're getting intimate, consider looking up the BPM of your favourite tunes. If you have a most streamed song with 119BPM it might just be the ideal accompaniment to your sexy time.