Doctor divides internet on why we should NEVER sleep naked

A doctor in the US has divided opinion online as to why we should never sleep in the nip.

Detriot-based surgeon Anthony Youn MD has provided one disgusting reason as to why we should always wear underwear while getting some kip.

In one of Anthony's most recent TikTok's he explains that each time you fart, tiny particles of feces eject from your bum, and if you're not wearing underwear, this matter is sprayed right onto your sheets. Disgusting, right?

The doc goes onto explain that the average person farts around 15-20 times a day, so the risk of 'spraying' this bacteria onto your sheets is pretty high.

@tonyyounmdWhy you should never sleep without underpants! ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner ##sleep ##shart ##fart♬ Pumpkins - Clutch

Thankfully, a scientific study published by the British Medical Journal (we'd love to meet the scientists that carried out this experiment) concluded that wearing underwear prevents these nasty particles from reaching your bedsheets.

Some further digging around reveals that while the microscopic bacterium ejected by our farts isn't particularly harmful, it's still advised to practice good bed hygiene.

The video has racked up over 10 million views so far, with most committed to changing their sleeping habits for the better.


Still, some weren't so convinced with one follower commenting "My husband and I will just keep air s****ing on each other I guess."

While another added: "Listen, I've farted happily into my bedsheets for 39 years. You ain't gonna change me."

Image: Pixabay