Ever wanted to explore the famous Friends set? Now you can

Ever wanted to explore the famous Friends set? Now you can

24 years since it first aired and it goes without saying that 90s sitcom Friends holds a special place in our hearts.

Is it bad that since its release on Netflix, I have watched season one through to 10, twice, without once skipping the intro because of THAT theme tune.

Friends is one of those shows where the set alone holds so much nostalgia because of the memories attatched to it.


Monica's apartment, where all six lived at one point or another; Joey's apartment, where he and Chandler shared fond memories of bonding over a game of foosball; and of course, Central Perk, where they all shared numerous cups of coffee together.

Now, superfans can follow in the footsteps of their favourite Friends cast members and explore the set for themselves.

Friendsfest returns to the UK and stops in six different locations, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and London.

And although we might not have our own Friendsfest on Irish soil, if you are a big fan then splashing out some small cash for a cheap flight across the pond is well worth it.


Both Manchester and London Friendsfest events are sold out.

  • Dublin to Glasgow: From €17.94 one way, €62 return during Friendfest
  • Dublin to Newcastle: From €9.99 one way, €33.64 return during Friendfest
  • Dublin to Bristol: From €14.99 one way, €29.98 return during Friendfest
  • Dublin to Brighton: Fly to London Gatwick, 30km north of Brighton from €19.99 one way, €36.98 return during Friendfest. Hop on the regular 30-41 minute trains direct to Brighton.

Friendsfest has stopped in its first location in Glasgow, where the city's Victoria Park has been transformed into New York, and will run until July 15 before moving to Newcastle.

Brand new features for 2018 include Ross's Apartment set and the set of the fan-favourite Pivot scene.

The best of the fest from previous years, including Monica's apartment, Joey and Chandler's apartment, Ross & Rachel's Vegas chapel of love, and the chance to grab a coffee in Central Perk also return this year.

Fans can wear a wedding dress and head to the Las Vegas chapel of love where Ross and Rachel got married, recreate the famous 'pivot' scene and pose for photographs on the sofa from the title sequence by the fountain.

There's also a special Friendsfest shop on site, offering exclusive memorabilia and merchandise.

Tickets are available to purchase here.