Expert reveals how you can tell if someone has had 'work done'

Expert reveals how you can tell if someone has had 'work done'

As cosmetic surgery grows in popularity, it can be difficult to tell if some looks are natural, or achieved it with a price tag.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, plastic surgeon Dr Paul Banwell revealed some tell-tale signs a person has had work done.

Pixie Ears

According to Dr Banwell, if a person has had a facelift, the earlobe can become pulled upward, giving the ears a "pixie look." The doctor told the news outlet that newer surgeries try to avoid this, but if the earlobe is pulled slightly towards the mouth it can be a giveaway for face enhancement work.


Shiny and Smooth

Botox work can be difficult to determine at times, but generally, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Dr Banwell told the Daily Mail that an indicator that "someone has had Botox is if you look at a photo of them and see an area of the face that is very smooth and also shiny." Another sign of Botox use he mentioned is overarched eyebrows. A poor practitioner can misuse the product and cause the brows to be pulled up in an unnatural expression. Good practitioners however will provide subtle improvements, and avoid the "frozen face" look often associated with Botox use.

Puffy Face

Many people opt for filler to create fullness in the face, and a more youthful look. However, this can cause puffiness or "pillow face" when overused. Dr Banwell warns the Mailonline that if you are getting filler and you don't see immediate results,  "don't ask for more as it can take a while for results to become more obvious."


Neck and face don't match

A real giveaway of cosmetic surgery is having a wrinkly neck and a smoother face. Dr Banwell also states in the article that "your neck is one of the first places where the signs of ageing reveal themselves. We often associate a youthful neck with a distinct jawline but as we age, the jawline begins to fold into the neck." Only Botox treatment in both the neck and face will hide the effects of ageing fully.

Mismatched lips

Lip filler has become very in vogue, and a dead giveaway of filler is missized lips. Dr Banwell went on to say that usually "the lower lip is a degree bigger than the upper lip so if it's the other around, it's a sign of lip fillers."