Get back into reading this World Book Day with Beat's picks

Get back into reading this World Book Day with Beat's picks
Credit: Porapak Apichodilok Pexels

It can be tricky to make time for reading, but a real page-turner will steal you away from all distractions.

Get back into reading this World Book Day with book recommendations from Beat's own presenters and journalists.

1. I Am Pilgrim

Our Claire recommended this thriller from former journalist Terry Hayes. If you love espionage, plot twists, high stakes and a race to save the world from oblivion-well this could be the book for you.


2.The Mixer

Beat's Sports Journalist Shaun recommends this non-fiction one for the avid football fan. Proflic football journalist Michael Cox takes the reader through the history of Premier League tactics and how the game has evolved in the last 25 years. If you live for football, the Mixer is considered one of the most entertaining, knowledgeable and comprehensive books ever written on the sport.

3. In the Dream House

Beat's Digital Editor Cúan recommends this memoir that the Guardian described as a "ravishingly beautiful book." A genre-defying novel, it is the author's own account of an abusive relationship, and Cúan says "each chapter has a distinct feeling", making the book more impressionable than others. While it can be harrowing in parts, it is widely praised as a memoir like no other.


4. Chaos

If you love true crime like our own Darren Rice, Chaos could be right up your alley. In 1999 Journalist Tom O'Neill was given the task of reporting on the Manson murders on their 30th anniversary. What began as a short newspaper article turned into a 20-year-long research project into the FBI, the LAPD, the CIA and numerous conspiracies surrounding the Tate-LaBianca murders. Full of cover-ups, coincidences and mystery, this is true crime reporting at its finest.

5. Expectation

Have you ever looked at your life and thought "Who is this person? What happened to the dreams and promises made?" Anna Hope's Expectation is a book about three best friends, who had so much in common at 21, and find that ten years later,their lives have landed in such different places. Like Normal People, this can be considered a generation-defining book, a book about the expectations we carry and how to navigate the search for meaning in a life that didn't exactly go to plan.


6. Oh Yes Oh Yes!

If Dance and Electronic music is your happy place, you'll likely eat up Carl Cox's memoir of his life as a world-renowned DJ. Starting out as a shelf stacker and grass-cutter in London, Carl Cox grew to be one of the most influential DJs in the world, bringing dance music from the floors of Ibiza and the sands of Burning Man to the bedroom discos and club counters of the world over. Beat's own Chris Ward devoured this remarkable memoir about a guy who went from mixing music in his parents' house to becoming the king of the rave scene.

7. Everything I Know About Love

Dolly Alderton is a British journalist, podcaster and messy complex human being. Like all of us, she has lived a life of bad dates, heartaches, 2 am highs, hopeful hugs and heartbreaking goodbyes. Reading her memoir is like growing up with her, feeling and understanding every life challenge thrown her way. An international bestseller, this novel is equal parts funny, insightful, and powerfully relatable. It's the kind of book you'll pass around your friend group and come back to again and again, feeling it will always be your friend.

8. Good Vibes Good Life

Join the self-love revolution with this Sunday Times best-seller, recommended by Beat's own Megan O'Regan Byrne. Vex King wants you to manifest your best life and helps you on that journey through tried and tested techniques. While the genre is more popular with women, don't feel this book isn't equally useful for men. Vex himself went from being a homeless guy to an internet sensation and has plenty of wisdom for both sexes.

9. All the Light We Cannot See

Some books make you laugh, some make you think, and some make you feel things you can't even put into words. This was one of those books for Beat's Michelle.  A war novel with incredible imagination, it is more a story of courage, connection and humanity than anything else. Add it to your must-read list immediately.

10. Love, Pamela

Following the release of Pam & Tommy, Pamela Anderson's exceptional life has become more publicly scrutinised, and her new memoir has become something of a sensation. Joleen from Beat News has found her story-telling fascinating, a dizzying journey through the various triumphs and traumas of a Hollywood icon. Love, Pamela is a celebrity memoir Joleen thinks is worth reading.