How to tell if someone is single (without asking them outright)

How to tell if someone is single (without asking them outright)
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Wanna slide into their DMs, but not sure if the light is green?

It can be hard to really tell if someone is single or attached. Some people (frustratingly) don't share their romantic life on social media, OR they have so many close friends it looks like they're dating seven people at once. So how can you find out if your crush is single without showing your cards?

It's all in the subtle art of interrogation.

"Ask them where their last holiday was and see if they mention their partner," says Australian Radio Producer Jaimee Hassos. Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Australia's KIIS 1065, she suggests a question like this is an easy way to probe the existence of a significant other.

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Testing the theory, Presenter Jackie O asks a listener: "Where did you last go on a holiday?" He replies "I went over by myself to Canada and then a group of friends and a partner." And your partner? Ok bye!," Jackie replies.

Hassos also recommends bringing up the topic of dating in general to probe their relationship status. "Ask them something about dating in general," she says. Jackie tries this and asks a  listener: "How late is too late to show up for a date?. In his response, he reveals that his last date was just one week ago.

Another hack , strangely enough is to talk about fingernails. "Say you have a bad habit of biting your nails," says Hassos. "Naturally they'll put their hands up, and you can see if they have a ring."


While some might prefer the more direct line of questioning this dating hack seems to be appreciated. The video has been viewed over 1.4 million times on Tiktok and has 71,000 likes as well.

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