Today is International Boyfriend Day!

Today is International Boyfriend Day!
Photo: Loc Dang/Pexels Images

Today is International Boyfriend Day! It is the day to show all boyfriends that they are appreciated and loved.

International Boyfriend Day is celebrated two months after international girlfriend day; August 1.

We know you will be posting a picture of him on social media, but you can appreciate your boyfriend in more ways than one that will melt his heart.

Beat has made the task of celebrating International Boyfriend Day easier for you. Here are five ways to celebrate International Boyfriend Day.


Take him to his favourite bar to watch the Champions League!

If your boyfriend is a sports lover, this is the best time to let him enjoy game time action. Instead of staying home and snogging, you could take him to his favourite pub around the corner to watch the Champions League games tonight.

Cook him his favourite meal!

It is commonly said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Give your man the best meal of his life by cooking him his favourite meal.


Do something the both of you enjoy alone!

Every couple is unique in that they enjoy things other couples will find weird. It could be something as simple as window shopping, an ice cream date or something extreme like mountain climbing, rock climbing or bicycle riding.

Let him visit your family for the first time!

Are you ready to take things to the next level? This is the perfect day to introduce your special man to the family. Just be sure he dresses up nice.


Buy him that one piece of cloth he always admires but would never buy!

Men are notorious for not spending money on themselves. Why don’t you ease your boyfriend’s burden by getting him that piece of clothing he always admires? It could be the jersey for his favourite sports team or the custom shirt of his favourite band.